How to choose a long-lasting, luxury handbags?

Purchasing a luxury handbag doesn’t just mean you’ll look fashionable when you first use it but that you will have a long-lasting bag that you can use again and again.

While many designers and brands claim their bags will continue to look fantastic it can be difficult to spot those that really will be a good investment. Try following these tips next time you’re shopping for a handbag to get a purchase that is high quality and long-lasting.

Choose high quality leather – Leather is a great fabric for handbags because it ages well and can actually look better the older it gets. So for an investment bag choose one that uses high quality leather and you can be sure you bag will look as great on its 100th use as it did on its first.

Check the lining - Taking items in and out and putting sharp or messy products in your bag can really take a toll of the lining of your favourite bag, leading to rips, tears and marks you can’t get rid of. When you’re purchasing a new bag make sure the lining is sturdy and stitched, rather than glued.

Examine the finish – When you first purchase a bag it can look great, but after a few uses you may notice thread is coming away, edging has worn down or the colour is no longer as vibrant. To avoid this, check the finish of the bag you’re considering buying. Examine the quality of the material and thickness of the thread, look over the handles of the bag especially carefully as these will take a lot of wear.

Opt for structured shapes – Choosing a structured bag means your purchase is likely to continue looking great for longer. A structure will help maintain the shape of your bag and stop it looking tired and old before you’re ready to give it up. Plus, a classic structured shape is always in style.

Pick a bag that is functional – We often choose a bag that looks great but simply isn’t functional, especially if it’s an impulse buy. For a long-lasting handbag that you can use for years you want an item that meets all your needs. Make sure it has enough space, different pockets and sections to store all your necessary items and is comfortable to carry around for long periods of time.

Think about the design – You might love a design that has a large logo on it when you first purchase your new handbag but will it be versatile? When you’re choosing a long-lasting bag you need to consider how fashion, trends and the current ‘it’ designer will change over time. Pick out a handbag that can be worn with a variety of outfits, has a classic design and is functional to get the most out of it.

Diana Rennie