About us - DBR Bags


DBR Bags was founded by Diana Rennie in 2016 as a British luxury women's leather handbag brand for the stylish, cosmopolitan and socially conscious woman who loves fashion and appreciates being on trend. Driven by core values of elegance, quality and integrity, we strive to do our best by our customers, our workforce and the environment.

Our award winning and beautiful handbags are designed in Britain and are ethically produced with great attention to detail and respect to the environment, crafted with the finest soft leather. 


Why buy from us

We believe that our leather handbags are more than just an accessory; they are every woman’s loyal companion and friend: we entrust them with our everyday practicalities and our most intimate items, we rely upon them to be versatile and define our style and in return they reward us by making us feel good and look good. The DBR handbag is produced in a socially and environmentally conscious manner which combines luxury, fine Italian leather, exquisite design and expert craftsmanship. When looked after and cared for, given its timeless style, its versatility and excellent quality, the DBR should, just like a good friend, be the one which inspires you time and again.  

Modern Slavery

Respecting human rights across our global reach is a fundamental part of our company ethics and integrity. We have followed the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in order to judge our issues and associated risks to our business as an international retailer. We welcome the UK government's Modern Slavery Act of March 2015 and fully support this legislation, which will help create a level playing field across industry and supply chain.

Who is our customer?

Whether the stylish busy working woman on her way to a meeting, the fashion conscious mother on an outing with the children, the woman pursuing life’s dreams, or a mixture of all of these, our customer represents women of all ages who love fashion, need practicality, appreciate lasting quality and trendy design and expect their fashion to be ethically produced.

How are the handbags produced ethically?

We engage directly with the small cooperatives we work with, providing incredibly talented and skilled people with employment which is freely chosen in a working environment which is safe and clean, alongside a fair and sustainable living wage, working hours which are not excessive, benefiting from fair disciplinary action and no discrimination.

We are respectful to the environment by engaging in zero wasting pattern cutting and all our materials are fully traceable. Our bags, if looked after with loving care, are designed for longevity.